lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Scientific Complex Looted, Says MP Commander

Commander of the Military Police, Major General Hamdi Badin said looters targeted what was left of the priceless books and manuscripts inside the Egyptian Scientific Complex building after the building was torched.

Badin said a Chevrolet pickup was seen loaded with rare books before fleeing. He added that the MP is trying to rescue the remaining contents of the complex from being destroyed or looted.
This came as Minister of Archeology Mohammad Ibrahim formed a committee headed by Mohsen Ali, the head of the Islamic and Coptic Antiquities to conduct an urgent inspection of the Scientific Complex building located at Kasr Al Aini Street. The committee, which also includes engineers from the Ministry of Endowments, will focus on the third floor of the building which was badly torched during Saturday’s clashes.

Ibrahim said the committee will prepare a detailed report on the damages caused by the fire.
The Egyptian Scientific Complex building is an Islamic artifact that was registered in 1987 and was built in the beginning of the twentieth century. It hosts a collection of priceless and rare books and manuscripts, including original research work conducted by French scientists during the French Campaign in Egypt. It also hosts the headquarters of the Arabic Language Convention.

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