martes, 20 de diciembre de 2011

Majority of the Description de l'Egypte has been saved, say Officials

The Books and Manuscripts National Center on Sunday received a large part of the contents of the Egyptian Scientific Complex, which was torched on Saturday, said Head of the center, Zain Abdul Hadi.

Abdul Hadi, who is a member of the committee tasked by Prime Minister Kamal Al Ganzori to transfer the contents of the complex to a safe location, said “the majority of the folders of the Description de l'Égypte are intact and the remaining folders were only burnt at the edge,” and stressed that the priceless manuscript was not stolen.

“I believe the majority of the manuscript is intact, it however, may need some restoration,” he said.
“We found many folders intact and only one folder burnt at the edges. There are other folders on its way to us,” he added.

Abdul Hadi described as inaccurate reports that there was only one copy of the manuscript, saying that there are 11 copies of the manuscript in the world, three of which are in Egypt.

He said the first copy was kept at the Scientific Complex, the second at the Books and Manuscripts National Center headquarters in Bab Al Khalk in Cairo, and the third copy is in the possession of manuscript scientists, Al Bustani.

Abdul Hadi added that a digital copy of the manuscript is stored at the Ministers’ Council’s information center and that this copy could use in the restoration of the original.

Commenting on reports on the missing of maps of Egypt’s boarders during the fire, particularly a map proving Egypt’s sovereignty over Taba, Om Al Rashash, Halaieb and Shaltine, Abdul Hadi said all these maps are safe at the Books and Manuscripts National Center, which contains more than 11 million maps.

He also confirmed that the center received a large part of the contents of the Scientific Complex.


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