lunes, 11 de enero de 2010

Tumba intacta en Saqqara

This past year we found a new tomb in Saqqara, in the Gisr el-Mudir area

I was there when we opened a sealed limestone sarcophagus. Before the event, I could not sleep because I could not stop thinking about the excitement of that moment. When I arrived, I came down about 11 meters underground, where we began to open the sarcophagus, which had not been touched in 2600 years.

If there was to be a mummy inside the coffin, they would have to be rich, because the limestone of the sarcophagus was very high quality, which means it would have been very expensive. To remove the lid, which is very heavy, many people had to work together to shift it.

When you open something like this it is very exciting, You never know what amazing secrets are hidden inside. The only way to truly understand the feeling is to experience it for yourself.

The mummy inside the coffin was kept safe, it is beautifully preserved. We plan to examine it using the CT scan machine to see inside, because most mummies of this period contained many amulets on the body inside the wrappings. The purpose of the amulets was to protect the deceased and help them to safely reach the afterlife. The CT scan will reveal the amulets and their locations without damaging the mummy.

Entering this room with its 30 mummies was incredible. I could see four mummies in one corner, and saw that one man buried his dog next to himself. We opened the anthropoid wooden coffin of a child for the first time and then opened the 10-ton sealed limestone sarcophagus for the first time. When we opened it, I eagerly looked inside and discovered a mummy. This was a beautiful moment in my life. When I saw the mummy was in great condition, I was so happy, it is part of the passion I have for archaeology.

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